Color feeds eyes, mood conquers heart. We transform visions into unforgettable impressions.

On set services

VEIN provides full range of on set support including DIT, data management and video assist, in order to provide smooth, reliable and fast workflow.

Dailies are managed through dedicated cloud platform where you can access your rushes 24/7.
Hard drive backups are delivered on the go, and deep backup on LTO-8 if necessary.

Our on set service is managed by Michał Szymczak, who has 12 years of experience on set and participated in numerous productions.

Digital Intermediate

We challenge ourselves for first-rate standard of post production process.

Our custom made workflow allows smooth and optimized work. Whole pipeline is focused on high quality delivery and QC on any stage. This ecosystem is supported by cutting edge solutions available now and is battle tested on numerous projects and is based on our experience.


Our in-house editor Krystian Łupiński will be happy to help you with his unique editing skills on any project.
Krystian is also fluent in English and German.

In our office, we provide three fully equipped 24/7 access offline rooms. Each set has a computer capable of working realtime in Avid Media Composer, Adobe and Davinci Resolve applications. Editing rooms are also provided with connection to a high-end streaming system (Streambox) dedicated to editing and color correction.

We are able to provide a remote editing session in case the director cannot come to the editorial office in person. Streambox solution provides flawless editing experience.

Color Grading

Our Color Grading Heads of the Studio – Dominik Deras and Piotrek Nowicki are true masters of their craftsmanship with experience gained in feature films and commercials. Their work speaks for themselves so don’t hesitate to check our portfolio and demo reels and have some taste of their skills.

Our tailormade workflow allows for detailed and precise manipulation of the image. We work only on a leading edge, industry standard equipment. Two 4K HDR grading rooms supplied with Sony BVM-X300v2 reference monitors paired with Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Advanced panels and a grading theatre equipped with the latest BARCO 4k Laser HDR Projector. Each grading room is connected to Streambox for remote grading option.

Every grading room is connected to Streambox for remote grading option.

Film Look – Project Look Setup and testing

If you are in the process of preparing your movie, we would be more than excited to assist you in a creation of your personal look.

Together, we can evaluate combinations of cameras, lenses, codec settings, color space’s, exposure and light sets. We may also design a specific LUT for the whole film or more scene focused LUTs for selected film locations.

This service aims at refinement of the input setups to achieve desired of the final image in later stages of post production.

Remote Work

Our editing and grading rooms ale all set up with Streambox – flawless experience streaming system.

Thanks to this solution we are able to deliver a remote editing session in case when the director,DoP, producer or any other essential production team member cannot attend live in the editor’s room.


Special effects are about knowing what to do and doing it so exceptional that no one realizes how it was done and the trick to do this is to know all the tricks.

If you want to see some, you’re invited.

SFX & Sound Design

We share our creative space with Głośno Sound Studio. Błażej Kafarski founder of Głośno is one of the most recognizable people in the sound industry in Poland certainly one of the most charismatic and professional in his field.


Maybe not so exciting like color grading or vfx, but definitely important and culminating stage of any post production pipeline. We are prepared for any format or request. What you need we sure can deliver.

We benchmark our quality standards with top level requirements.


Data security is our top priority therefore different areas of our studio have different level of access control.

All computers are located in a locked machinery room and only people with 4th level deep access allowance are able to access and manage the files. Backup disks and LTO-8 drives are sealed in additional safe.


We provide services 24/7/365 at all time zones around the world.