YCU Classroom S01 E04

YCU Classroom S01 E04

How important is the colour correction process? What are the qualities of a good colourist? What are the usual tasks of a colourist? How are specific colourists selected for a specific project? The fourth episode of the series is focused on the colourist’s job and the importance of colour correction in the filmmaking process, as illustrated by images from two interesting projects.

In this last episode of the series, we will discuss the significance of colour correction throughout the post-production stage or in the entire film production. We will discuss what makes a good colourist and what qualities are taken into account by directors or cinematographers when choosing a colourist for a specific project. You will learn about the phase of film production during which colour correction is taken into consideration for the first time.


This time, we will show you two projects – “Armando”, directed by Kuba Michalczuk, with cinematography by Maciej Ryter, is an engaging production, but a very demanding one from the technical point of view because of the low lighting conditions in which it was shot. The other is a commercial spot for “Baleen Eyewear” premium eyeglasses, by director Tadek Śliwa. 

This episode also features a special guest – Wit Dąbal, one of the most experienced Polish cinematographers, who talks about what grading means to him.

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