YCU Classroom S01 E01

YCU Classroom S01 E01

YCU Colour Grading Classroom – the first episode of our series on colour grading, which takes you behind the scenes of the colour grading world, showing case studies of several of our past projects. In this episode, we discuss working on film stock from the viewpoint of the colourists, directors of photography, film directors and producers. We will show you the process of colouring two of our projects recorded on film.

There is something magical about analogue film – in this episode, you will learn about the things that make it unique and the artistic value it offers to creators. We will also discuss the characteristics of photosensitive material in production, which aspects you should pay attention to, and the differences between working with film and digital cameras. We will also show you the colour correction workflow for this type of projects

One of the projects we will use to illustrate this are the music video for Quebonafide’s song BUBBLETEA featuring Daria Zawiałow, directed by Daniel Jaroszek and with Michał Dąbal’s cinematography, which has almost 28 million views. Another project we will use for illustration purposes is a Papaya Young Directors competition project, a contender for the Grand Prix, directed by the duo of Helena Ganjalyan & Bartosz Szpak, with Maciej Ryter’s cinematography.


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