YCU Classroom S01 E02

YCU Classroom S01 E02

The subject of the second episode of the YCU Colour Grading Classroom series is Remote Grading, which is becoming an increasingly popular way of working due to the pandemic. We will show you how to work remotely, what makes it different from traditional colour grading work, and why it is the future of colour correction.

Technological advances make Remote Grading more and more popular. It allows artists from all over the world to work together without the need to be present in the studio. For us, it is a familiar process, because this is the way we work on a daily basis, and most of the projects you can find in our portfolio were made this way.


In this episode, you will hear what colourists, cinematographers, and directors have to say about remote colour correction. You will learn why they choose this option and why we should take a closer look at this process. We will be discussing this topic using projects completed with the aid of this technology as examples.


This time, we will take you to the grading room of three of our past projects. 


“Escape Attempt” is a short Si-Fi film directed by Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro, winners of numerous accolades and awards for their commercials and music videos created under the name Aggressive, with fantastic cinematography by Kajetan Plis. “A War Poem” is a British short film directed by Jordan Kalvin with Patrick Kino as the DoP, and “Choctaw Casino” is a commercial notable for its unusual visual intensity.

See what progress has been made in the field of grading.

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